Taxi and Transportation

Taxi and transportation

Transport Management Solutions


As a leading provider in the transportation industry, Minovative transport management solutions uniquely cater to the transportation industry with custom software for fleet, and parking management, dispatch and car rental services.

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Location Intelligence

With location intelligence plan, schedule, route and visualize your logistics business.

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Operational Intelligence

Help to run your operations smoothly, efficiently, reliably, and real-time view of your operations.

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Conversational Intelligence

Adopt conversational intelligence and change the way your customers engages with your digital stores.

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Cloud Setup or Migration

Move to the cloud for a scalable and flexible infrastructure for your business.

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Delivery Experience

Engaging customer experience for delivery operations powered by location intelligence.

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Analytics & Data Driven

Guide your business with powerful data-driven decisions.

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Move to Cloud for a scalable and flexible infra for your business. Reach market faster by building what’s next with Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure-powered cloud tools, infrastructure, applications, maps, and devices.

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Location Intelligence

Minovative Operational Intelligence solutions are built on Google Cloud and Google Maps to provide you an efficient, reliable, and real-time view of your operations.

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AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is the science of making things smart. Machine Learning is a technique to develop A.I. Minovative experts have been implementing Advanced Analytics way before the growing general awareness of the power of Machine Learning.

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BI and Analytics

We break down internal data silos that have different data structures, velocities and volumes, and enrich that data with external sources, creating a scalable Enterprise Data Platform that will arise as the single version of the truth, democratizing the data and fostering organizational changes towards a data-driven culture.

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Minovative specializes in technological and IT-related services such as product engineering, building cloud solutions, infrastructure, network, business solutions, location intelligence, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things‎, etc


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