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Transform your business into an insight driven enterprise. Perform self-serve analytics on your data with ease. Unravel valuable business insights with intuitive user interface and visualizations. Get insights for everyone across your enterprise. Bring machine learning driven intelligence to day to day operations and enforce informed decision making at each step of your operations.

One BI and analytics platform to meet your requirements

Self-Serve Ad hoc Reporting

Intuitive report builder enables user interactivity and provides a thrilling end user experience. Our easy to use, drag-and-drop user interface enables you to customize reports according to your business needs, and derive meaningful insights quickly.

Data Science and Machine Learning

Built-in data science and machine learning capabilities that allow business users to predict future possibilities and take informed decisions. Flexibility to choose from multiple preloaded scripts of data science engines like R and Python.

High Speed OLAP Dashboards

High speed dashboards powered by built in OLAP engine. Perform sub-second, multi-dimensional analytics on your data. Slice and dice the attributes, drill through multiple levels and get to deeper business insights in seconds.

Real-time Analytics

Analyze real-time data coming from multiple sources without any time lag and monitor your operations as they occur. View different indicators from your live streaming data and extract valuable insights to make real-time decisions.

Canned Reports

Create pixel-perfect reports – ranging from invoices, labels to ledgers and audit reports. You can set font size, field size, colors, image placement, chart types, etc. and create aesthetically perfect, print ready reports.

Mobile Analytics

Access your business insights anytime, anywhere. Simply tap and swipe to get to insights. Annotate and collaborate with other users on the go.

Do More with Your Reports

Reports Scheduling


Set up reports for distribution to different stakeholders, right into their inbox. Auto run the reports at pre-specified time intervals once or in recurrence.

Alerts and Notifications


Stay on top of critical business changes with proactive alerts, broadcasts and subscription reporting.

Diverse Delivery of Reports


Distribute highly customized reports in different formats for different recipients, enabling everyone in your organization access to insights that data they need.

Integration with Office Documents


Export to office documents such word, excel, power point and more. You can further customize these reports in respective Microsoft office data formats.

Testing and Digital Assurance


Ensure faster, better and more cost-effective solutions. Our comprehensive testing as a service capabilities provide a 360-degree view of your application quality, including functionality, complexity, performance and security. We harness test automation, Agile and DevSecOps approaches to maximize your speed to value.


BI and analytics platform

One BI and analytics platform to meet your requirements in many ways.

Enterprise BI
Enterprise BI platform to automate and accelerate business intelligence and analytics for your business. Go beyond the typical BI and experience digital transformation for your enterprise like never before.
Embedded BI
Embedded analytics to transform your software products. Seamlessly integrate embedded BI to give your customers an edge of AI and machine learning driven, real time insights, right inside your application.
Cloud BI
Secure, scalable analytics on the cloud. Deploy the full solution on cloud or use a fully managed subscription-based SaaS BI service as per your business need.
Mobile Analytics
Anytime, anywhere access to business reports and dashboards on tablets and phones. Carry insights with you wherever you are. Available on both Android and iOS platforms.
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